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The background of Give A Hand orphans Association.

The background, the project was started by an ex religious sister Aketch Getrude Obbo supported by Manfredin Carlo in 2006.She started with 15 orphans some with HIV/AIDS. Since then we provide support to orphans, street kids and the likes, regardless of their origin or religion, By being cared for under the Give A Hand Umbrella, children receive education through Primary and Secondary School, they are not dying of treatable illnesses like malaria and typhoid, it prevents girl children from being married off to older men as soon as they start menstruating, it means that the children have a future that is bright, and open.


The following are some of the activities that we offer both to our children and community.

Charity for Education

We support orphans through education, helping them to get the most from their time at school.

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Home for Homeless

We have an orphanage center where we accomodate both the orphans and the homeless children in Tororo.

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Feed for Hungry Child

We provide support and advice on health, nutrition and social care to orphans and the wider community.

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Bringing Clean Water

Tororo has very limited access to clean and safe drinking water, with all water fetched from a nearby spring or communal taps.

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Help Little Hands

Please help orphans to improve knowledge in practical skills and education.

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Donate for Children

Join us today and feel the joy that comes from giving others relief

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How can you help?

Our work has always been focused on orphans and families living in Tororo, These are some of the ways you can help us

Join us and become one of the big helping group in the whole world.


Give us any gift you feel like and feel the joy that is in helping.


please choose a child, activity or Project you would wish to sponsor.

Our Future Plans

Through our works we look to make a change in society. We cannot do this alone. Reach out to us today and seek to help us extend our reach to many more needy people in society.


We are planning to have one of the bigest poultry farm in the district which will provide children with balanced diet.

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We are also planning to farm in bees where we shall use honey as food and medicine besides it will also provide children with bee keeping knowledge.

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Tailor and Gametes

We are also planning to have a some tailoring machine which we will use to teach children on hands on activities. With your support we can better

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Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.